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Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan


To Your Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood plans are different from all the

other plans that have gone before!

We hope that through this website, the people of Exmouth will realise that at long last they will have a say in what developments take place in their town. When completed and adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will be a legally binding document that will sit alongside the Local Plan created by East Devon District Council - and together they will have a binding influence on the planning process. Given the foregoing information it should be apparent to all Citizens of Exmouth that we should all put considerable thought and energy into ensuring that our views are heard and considered. There will be questionnaires delivered to every household - and up to 5 people in each household may express their individual opinions on each form. There will be two consultations per Ward prior to formulating an interim plan. After further consultations a final plan will be developed. The final plan will be inspected by an independent examiner. There will then be a referendum, decided by a simple majority, for the people of Exmouth to accept or reject the plan. If the plan passes the referendum, the Town Council and the District Council will then formally adopt the plan.


We welcome feedback on any aspect of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan for Exmouth. It is YOUR plan after all. You can do this using our FACEBOOK page, by email or by letter. Even better come to one of the Road Shows! You will have an opportunity to express views, ask questions - and meet some of the team. Be sure to return your Questionnaires before May 9th 2016. They should be hand-delivered to you about two weeks prior to that date. Completed Questionnaires can be handed in at local shops displaying a poster to that effect.
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