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Welcome To YOUR Neighbourhood Plan Neighbourhood plans are different from all the other plans that have gone before! At long last residents will have a say in what developments take place in their town. When completed and adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will be a legally binding document that will sit alongside the Local Plan. Together these Plans will have a binding influence on the planning process. Citizens of Exmouth - now is your time to put thought and energy into ensuring that your views are heard and considered. Already we have had feedback from questionnaires delivered to every household in Exmouth. We have had two consultations per Ward prior to formulating the interim plan and engaged with many community groups, experts and most importantly YOU! We have now developed a consultation document which will be inspected by an independent examiner. Then there will be a referendum, decided by a simple majority, for the people of Exmouth to accept or reject the Plan. If the Plan passes the referendum, the Town Council and the District Council will then formally adopt the Neighbourhood Plan.
WHAT IS THE PLAN? Watch our video which explains what we are doing…
We welcome feedback on any aspect of the Neighbourhood Plan. it is YOUR Plan after all. You can do this by e-mail or by letter using the comments form (see below).         EXHIBITION: 19 SEPTEMBER 2017        10am to 8pm… The exhibition was held at:           The Ocean   Over 365 people attended the session. The mass of comments received are now being sifted and sorted for possible inclusion in the final document. The document will be available for download on this website as soon as it has been completed. Please email your comments to: <npsg@exmouth.gov.uk> All your comments will be considered for inclusion in the final plan. PLAN Q&A: here
STOP PRESS  NEWS Letter 4 now added! LINK HERE STOP PRESS  NEWS Letter 4 now added! LINK HERE