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This document is the Reg 14 Pre - Submission Response Document showing the alterations (in blue and red) that have been made in relation to the responses received from Statutory Bodies and members of the Exmouth community and it’s organisations. This is a working document that was used as evidence to amend and consider further changes that were needed in drafting the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan Submission Document. Therefore, this Response Document represents a stepping stone in the process to the Submission Document. Please note that the Response Document will be different to the Submission Document.
1. Basic Conditions Document Jo Widdecombe will be contracted to create the document for Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan 2. Consultation Document Martin Parkes will produce this document for Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan 3. Pre-Submission Response Document is now available - click to download. (PDF) 4. Draft Neighbourhood Plan This is currently being worked on. It will incorporate many of the suggestions we have recently received.
Item 3 (see below) This document is now available.