The Neighbourhood Plan, what it is and how it is being compiled has already been explained in previous Newsletters and local media. It will stand alongside the EDDC Local Plan and put a little more meat on the bones and real clout, as it will have equal legal status. It will give Exmouth a greater say in its own future development and, when accepted, will gain some extra monies from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) paid by developers on each new house. The Steering Group, comprising Community representatives together with Ward Town Councillors, has spent the past year gathering public opinion and community views by various means and assembling all the relevant statistics necessary to produce the draft outline Neighbourhood Plan will go for public consultation soon - hopefully in September 2017. This process is well underway through a small but expert sub-group which takes expert advice where and when needed. The whole Project is under professional guidance to ensure strict audit trails are evidenced and that obligatory compliance with all existing laws, rules, regulations and guidance are not in conflict or breached. Comment from the September round of public consultations will be collected and the draft plan (now renamed “consultation document”) re-visited before it goes for final scrutiny and compliance by the EDDC Officer for Neighbourhood Plans. If further alterations are required these will be carried out before the plan goes out for a six-week statutory public consultation period. It will then be sent to the Examiner, who will also have regard to the final consultation comments. The Examiner’s comments, if any, will then be reflected in a final revision before a referendum of all eligible Exmouth voters. It is hoped that this point can be reached before the end of 2017. A simple majority of those voting is required to enable the plan to then process into law. Subsequently a Community team known as the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan Implementation Group will be formed to monitor action and implementation and make decisions on expenditure of the CIL monies throughout the 15 year period of the Plan. March 2017.
March 2017….
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