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The Neighbourhood Plan Process

To get our plan through the acceptance process we

must adhere to strict guidelines..

1. the town council must instigate the process 2. we must form a steering group 3. we must engage with the public by whatever means are available 4. we must attempt to ascertain the priorities of local residents 5. we must communicate with all age groups in all localities 6. we must formulate an interim plan 7. the interim plan is then re-presented to the public for comments and modification 8. we must then produce the final plan 9. we must submit this plan to East Devon district Council for approval 10. we must then submit the plan to the inspector 11. the plan then gets subjected to a referendum of all electors in Exmouth 12. when accepted the plan will be adopted by East Devon District Council planners and form part of their planning guidelines

What will the plan affect?

A neighbourhood plan is basically about land use. If you think about it,  almost everything is about land and its use. Whether it is shops or roads or housing, green space, solar farms or sewage plants - it all involves land-use. today we are concerned more than ever with building new homes. It is up to Exmouth residents to say where they think the priorities should lay. Is it affordable homes? Self build?, Social housing or executive homes? How much should we leave for nature? Do we need more sports pitches or supermarkets? Now is the time to have your say because you will be heard! if we do not succeed in creating our plan then we will just get what makes the developers the most profit - and that is not necessarily what Exmouth really needs!

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